Every blogger starts from somewhere, and it is normal to struggle with trying to grow your audience and your blog when starting out. Here are some blogging tips for new bloggers to help you gain some progress as you move along.

Research Your Blog Niche

One of the best tips for new bloggers would be to take the time and effort conducting the necessary research to grow a blog. It is quite easy to start blogging, but most blogs do not succeed because new bloggers expect to put in minimal effort and get an awesome blog. Authors of the best blogs did all the research they could, to get to where they are now. They spent hours doing their research to find out the best ways to increase their returning visitors, social media followers, and organic traffic. It is okay to be influenced by some of your favorite bloggers within your blogging niche. Perform trial and error to test their methods that work for your blog. Each blog is different, meaning you will need a different approach to help you gain traffic. Never stop researching to find out what works best for your blog.

Do Not Spend Too Much Time On Your Blog Visuals

As much as you can make your blog look good, you should not spend too much time adjusting the minor visuals. You may think that changing the theme and layout will bring more visitors to the blog, but most readers care very little about what the blog looks like. They are more interested in the value of your content. You are better off spending your time looking for ways to increase traffic to your blog as opposed to spending all your time looking at statistics.

Invest In A Fast Website

If someone clicks on the link to your blog and it takes too long to load, what do you think they will do? They will probably move on to another site. This is another blogging tip for new bloggers to consider. Ensure you select a good web host with faster server response times. Conduct a page speed test using Pingdom; if you get a higher score, you are on the safe side. Also, make sure you install a caching plugin to your page to reduce the load time.

Quality Beats Quantity

You may think that posting on your blog every day will help you gain more visitors, but this is far from the case. You are better off publishing one high-quality blog post every so often than publishing low-quality posts on a daily basis. Good content is important for growing your traffic while bad content may hurt your website’s ranking. When visitors come to your blog, you have one chance to impress them, or they will not visit again. Take your time to make sure you are offering valuable, high-quality posts every time. Another blogging tip for new bloggers is to read all or some of your old articles and if necessary, edit them if you feel they could be improved.


Once you implement these tips as a blogger, you will start seeing growth in your site’s traffic. Ensure you conduct as much research as you can.


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