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“How to Not Fall for the Situationship Trap”

There is one way you can tell if someone wants to start a relationship with you. It is by showing you and telling you through consistency, sacrifice, and compromise. Whenever someone is saying something and doing something else, it is time to leave this person alone. The person does not want something real with you. Do not waste your time with this person. I know this is easier said than done, especially when your emotions are involved but try to remember that there are much better matches for you out there than what you’re getting right now. Many of us know this but still, choose to stick around in hopes of some proof or a sign from God that you two were meant to be. Sometimes these things are just lessons to use your brain rather than your heart when looking for a mate.


What are the signs to look out for:
• If you do not know where you stand with this person because:

  • they’re doing relationship type of things on a regular basis with you (this includes being intimate) but they define your connection nothing more than a friendship or say one of these following things:
  • that we’re just going with the flow
  • they’re not ready
  • or that they don’t want a relationship

Ways they are misleading you:
1. This person deceives you through sex, deep talks, dates, affection. Yes, I understand that these are things that are benefits of a relationship, but it doesn’t mean that these actions you have shared with this person will amount to a relationship.
2. They say they don’t want a relationship, but they were getting to know you exclusively without a title. This is confusing. A relationship is about growing to know someone more by committing to them.
3. If you’ve been getting to know the person more than three months, and you have to ask for a relationship, but they said that it is too fast. If a person knows they want to be with you, they would be with you no questions asked.

Whenever someone tries to mislead you, cut your ties. When I say cut ties, I mean entirely. Don’t let that person think they can go back to their comfortable position with you, let them go. This will make them understand that the pre-relationship benefits were only provided to them because you thought that this connection was going somewhere. You’re doing more damage to yourself when you stay.

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