Everyone wants to increase his or her Instagram engagement today, and it is possible to grow your Instagram engagement even with the current Instagram algorithm. The most important tip to keep in mind when trying to grow your Instagram engagement is to make sure you are creating great content, growing a genuine community, and actively engaging with your followers on a day-to-day basis.



Avoid Using Instagram Bots

Generating significant engagement through comments and likes within a short period is important if you want to ensure your posts are on the Instagram explore page. It also gives your posts first priority on any hashtag. Instagram engagement has decreased for many users, and it is becoming harder to do this, so some have started using Instagram bots to inflate their post-engagement artificially. However, Instagram has recently updated its algorithm so that it is tougher on bots. These bots pose a risk to your account such as being banned or failing to get your posts on the explore page.



Use Your Instagram Hashtags Strategically

When it comes to Hashtags, you need to make sure the ones you use are not banned so that your posts are not kept from appearing in any of the searches. Instagram hashtags are excellent tools for driving your post engagement especially if you can make your way into the top posts. The algorithm on which Instagram’s top posts are based considers the engagement of your post, the hashtag popularity, and how fast your post is receiving engagement. To get into the Top Posts of any hashtag, you must maximize on all these factors.



Schedule Your Instagram Posts

This is another crucial way to grow your Instagram engagement on your posts. You can generate a lot of engagement by scheduling your Instagram posts for times when your audience is the most active on the app. This is because the Instagram algorithm prioritizes posts with higher engagement. The more comments and likes received by a post, the more people will see it. Posting during times when your Instagram audience is most active increases your chances of driving engagement on that post. This engagement will lead to Instagram bumping up your posts on users’ feeds translating into even more engagement. In short, higher engagement increases your visibility.



Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be just as fun as they are useful for growing your Instagram engagement. If you find that your post is not performing as well, try posting on Instagram stories, and you might get an increase in your Instagram engagement. Even if you post a story and it does not grow your Instagram engagement directly, there are new Instagram stories features to help you boost engagement and awareness on your hashtags. Another advantage of using Instagram stories is that you will be featured on the Explore page. For you to get on the Instagram explore page, you have to create super-targeted and highly engaging content. If your stories are really good, they are more likely to speak to a target audience, and you will have a higher chance of Instagram adding your account to the Explore tab’s Recommended Stories.


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