This post will discuss why I decided to start my healthy lifestyle journey. I’m going to open up a bit about my struggles with all of you. I’m not sure how everyone will receive it, but I feel I must start somewhere for me to feel comfortable. For months now, I have dealt with severe thyroid related issues. My thyroid issues have resulted in a fatty liver, early signs of arthritis, depression, and prediabetes. I had felt defeated. I started to accept this as being a new part of life. However, I met a doctor that explained that most of my health issues were reversible through intermittent fasting. The appointment was initially for my father, and I was merely there to accompany him. As he explained to my father about how he could reverse his diabetes, my father included my health issues. The doctor stated that it made sense that I was prediabetic since my father and mother had the same health problems.


The doctor suggested reading a book he gave us titled “the diabetes code” by Dr. Jason Fung. After reading through most of the book and doing some research on the author, I am confident that this book could save lives. This book is worth every penny and more. If you are dealing with diabetes or prediabetic, please do yourself a favor and read this book because it might save your life. I am not even done reading the book yet, and I am already convinced it can help me. The book covers the ins and outs of diabetes, mostly type 2. It reveals the history of diabetes and the epidemic. It also discusses the health factors and how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally through intermittent fasting, no sugar, low carb diet and bariatric surgery. With that being said, I will start writing a series of my healthy lifestyle journey. I will write about my full experience with the suggested restricted diet and the intermittent fasting.


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