This post is more of a personal journal entry  where I share my thoughts on certain things. I will be post more personal journals on my blog. Today’s post is about what I learned while the High Park annual blooming of the cherry blossoms. Earlier this spring, I decided to casually have a walk through High Park to enjoy the annual blooming of the cherry blossoms. Now if you’re from Toronto, you would know that the High Park cherry blossoms are a lovely site to see to enjoy the beauty of nature. Every spring people come far and wide to look at the blooming cherry blossoms. It is the official mark of spring for Toronto. On my way to the park, there were crowds of people. Many of them dressed in their best; all were holding their DSLR or iPhone. Of course, the first thing anyone would think is that anyone who came to see these pretty flowers would take pictures. However, what I experience there was far less than the enjoyment of nature.

The location of the cherry blossoms was extremely crowded with people having photo shoots. There were at least 20 or more people per tree taking pictures and a bunch of other people waiting to take photos as well. Most people not only brought their smartphones and DSLR, but they also brought other heavy equipment and props. I have no problem with people capturing images of their experiences and lives, but a crowded area of hands in the air with cameras, phones, and props, you stop and think; when do we enjoy the moment and start focusing on living in the now? We became so far detached from the human experience that we are now just living robots. I was so uncomfortable with the congested area, and what I saw there that I decided to leave the park. After leaving the park, I had a realization on how many of us, usually people described as millennials, live unhealthy lives behind lens trying to create illusions far from the truth of what we experience. We are so busy trying to recreate illusions instead of enjoying life. Since after this realization, I decided to limit my use of my phone to support my mental health and to live in the now.


I wonder if you guys ever feel like how I did. Let me know in the comments below.




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